Friday, October 24, 2008

My two week infatuation

I walked right into our parking lot kiss today. The first one,
after the first date, the one we both agreed was good.

There you stood, smiling and lifted, watching me as I skipped
across the yellow lines to my car. Hopeful for us, weren't we?

Two weeks, I think, from beginning to end. Which seems like
no time at all and which makes it seem silly then that I

have been so deeply touched by you. Perhaps this sadness
will last only two weeks as well....I can hope for that, now.

If there is a lesson here for me, I guess it's that I wanted to
be kissed and touched by you. I wanted to feel, to fall in love, so

I let myself skip through two whole weeks of life smack dab
into this divine sadness because that first one, that first kiss, was good.

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