Thursday, October 30, 2008

I wonder

I wonder
what I might discover
if my eyes could see
a road
illumined so brightly
by the burning heart of God
that it’s light
every other path
with such beauty
and grace
that those paths
of my shadow
of fear
and hatred
sighed and surrendered
as they floated
like feathers
down into the darkness
finally at peace

I wonder
where I might wander
if the soles of my feet
so deeply
so strongly
to meet the ground
underneath them
with such love
and compassion
and such complete
for earth and
her steadfast gift
of place
to always push against
in effort to stand
to move
to be
that I might understand
at long last
divine communion
breath and earth
the true crossroads
of all that is

I wonder
about the one
with a heart born
of the same flame
the one who will
recognize my voice
when the only song
I can remember
is a prayer
a love poem
a “come, my beloved” song

I wonder
if after I have sung
the final refrain
my own heart
will dare
to stay true
to it’s prayer

I wonder
if I might still
embrace my destination
if I were to find
the end of the road
is simply
the very ground
I now stand upon

and if I might
the power to stay
on that sacred ground
if it’s source
came through
my willingness
to love
to forgive
and to place
all that I am
in the burning heart of God?

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