Sunday, August 9, 2015

I might just go quiet

I might just go quiet
return to mist in the
burrow beneath the
blue vervain
sink slowly into
the rivers flow

When the morning light
finally comes like
fire in the pines
I want to burn up
this noise in its flame:

You who came
chanting your mantra
"Love Me Love Me Love Me"
determined to
penetrate my heart

You who sang
to me night after
night and called and 

called until I surrendered 
in response
my  body
my heart
becoming yours.

I want to surrender still
I want to burst open
in this brightness
of remembering

Buried and rising
from the ashes
into the voiceless,
wordless hum and
rustle, belonging to
the forest path
the moss and stone.

You are not here
to hold my hand
you are not here
with your voice and
your rhythm
You are not

I am
I am this circling
this silent center
meeting myself
again where
first I met you.

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