Friday, September 6, 2013


You look at the calendar.
You are surprised.
It is September 6. 

You haven’t been paying 
attention, you guess.  At
least not in the way that 
knows the day, has it seeped 
and steeped in your being, and 
in the way you go about things.

This happens, you surmise, 
when you spend day after
day in an office, staring at a
screen, moving in and out through
rushed and time-bound increments.

You forget to pay attention, to
breathe, to lift your eyes, open your
heart and feel the day.

And then those days, those months, 
those seasons just roll on through, and 
you have to think back: 

June was hopeful. July difficult. 
In August we ended. And now 
September is just beginning,
with empty calendar days and
hours approaching and asking
you to live, finally, 
just live.

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