Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Everyday (Every day)

You tell me you are not afraid.

You tell me what you require of love - speak of
magic/passion/making love
every day.
And I am


Not for what I feel for you.  
I trust my deep desire for you, 
beyond words (I want more of you)
every day.

I trust my willingness to
open my magical and passionate
self to you (I will open for you)
every day. 

A ripple moves from belly to throat, beyond and back again.

Will you see me, when I open?
Will you know me, when I open? 
(I will open for you)

My magic is of the earth: steadfast and mostly silent
unless you listen closely.

My passion clamors with too many words
do you know what I mean?

My everyday is just that: commonplace, ordinary
it's all I have to give.

The ripple/the wave/ the tide
moves me forward into the fear, beyond and back again.

Because maybe, you will. 

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