Thursday, August 9, 2012


I’d like to tell you to not be afraid,
You are strong enough and so am I.
But the telling of it is like promising fruit in the fall
when there was a killing frost so late in the spring
and the summer has been so dry
and the trees are struggling so.
It’s like that.

I long for us to be what we are born for
- bearers of delicious, juicy, fruit-
but I see the harsh while we are weathering, and you, little sister,
not rooted or hardened as I, must drop your leaves in such a season as this,
and seek nourishment.

And I, shaped by years of bitter seasons
recognize the storm deep within
urging, advancing, greater than the conditions that created me
allowing me this moment of calm and truth:
You are strong enough and so am I.

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