Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sweet little sister

Sweet little sister,
you have wept enough.

The distance
You most
Is not the distance
You feel
From others

From this man,
Or that man.
No, it is

The distance
You feel
From your own soul.

Listen to me, little sister.

Be strong.
Do not beg,
Do not plead,
Do not fear that
Your opportunity
For life with a beloved
Has been given to another.

Be still
And travel
To your depths.

Cross over.
Walk steadily.
Run for your life.

Do whatever
It is you feel
You must do,
But do it.

Please, please
Hear me when I say
The time has come
For you to greet yourself
With all the passion
And fire hot love
You can muster.

Be strong, little sister.
Be strong.

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